Environmental Technician


Course Description

Everyone’s going green and there have never been so many opportunities to combat environmental contamination through prevention, pollution abatement, waste reduction and public education. Graduates find opportunities:

  • Working within industries to reduce and clean up waste.
  • Conducting environmental investigations and enforcement for government agencies.
  • Monitoring water and wastewater treatment and safe drinking water for municipalities.
  • Providing technical support to consulting engineers, urban and rural planners and environmental consultants.
  • Students acquire skills in assessment of freshwater bodies using Ontario stream assessment protocols (OSAP and OBBN).
  • Grads are prepared for certification in the Ministry of the Environment’s entry-level course for drinking water operators.

Is it for you?

Students who thrive in this program:

  • Are passionate about the environment.
  • Have strong skills in math and science.
  • Enjoy working outdoors.

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