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Beautician Courses are offered by colleges and various fashion institutes. The beautician courses are taken by aspiring students who wish to give a new look to their clients. As of 2017, the cosmetic industry in India had a market value of approximately eleven billion US dollars. The cosmetic industry's market size increased year on year and was expected to reach 20 billion US dollars in 2025.

One should be aware that, despite being professionally trained and licensed, many beauticians are underpaid for their work, with the exception of stylists in upscale, expensive salons. According to Statista, the global clean beauty market is expected to reach more than USD 54 billion by 2027. According to beauty industry research, India's cosmetics market will exceed $20 billion by 2025.

There are several reasons why India could be the next big thing in global beauty care. First and foremost, the country's economy has improved in recent years, increasing the country's purchasing power. This is mirrored in the beauty industry, with more and more women spending money on makeup. In addition, online stores such as Nykaa and video blogs are assisting India's beauty industry to thrive.

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