Biotechnology Advanced


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We have a big asset in Belleville. MIEG has a very complete training program for laboratory technicians. They come out with knowledge, they are anxious to learn, and they fit really well into this scientific environment. These people we hope will become employees for life

A career in biotechnology holds many opportunities to make an impact in government, industry, education and medical facilities.

  • There is a growing demand for skilled technicians, lab technologists and research assistants.
  • You could work in life sciences, agriculture, food production, pharmaceuticals, and sanitation or health research.
  • Graduates also find opportunities in regulation and enforcement, quality control and sales.

Is it for you?

People who succeed in biotechnology:

  • May be fans of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Are drawn by the potential of science to make people’s lives better
  • Have strong skills in math and science

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