Electromechanical Engineering Technician Mechatronics


Course Description

The field of electromechanical engineering and mechatronics reflects the integration of four areas in engineering: mechanical, electrical, electronics, and automation. Graduates of the Electromechanical Engineering Technician - Mechatronics program will have the skills and knowledge to enter the workforce in a wide variety of industrial environments and advanced manufacturing facilities and can be involved with the design, implementation, maintenance and repair of robotic equipment, automation systems, and new product designs.

Graduates of this program may play an integral role in:

  • Testing, installing and maintaining automated systems and robotics and electrical systems
  • PLC programming and implementation
  • Supporting computer and electronic goods production
  • Developing and monitoring equipment in manufacturing operations
  • Computer and electronics production
  • Installing and maintaining electrical systems
  • Wholesale trade in machinery and equipment distribution
  • Consulting across industries to support business and the public sector
  • Prototype development

Is it for you?

This program holds rewarding opportunities for students who:

  • Are drawn to knowing how things work
  • Enjoy creative problem-solving
  • Get excited about working with and learning about new technology

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