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Customs compliance and border security have emerged as areas of national focus in public safety and global trade. Train for a career in this dynamic segment of the Canadian economy.

Graduates of this innovative program are extremely well regarded by employers and business is booming. In just two years, you can train for a lucrative career within the government or the private sector:

• Employers include private businesses, customs brokerages importing and exporting and freight forwarders that ship goods throughout the world.
• Graduates are permitted to enrol in the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) course without having to meet the one-year work requirement. 

Graduates are also qualified for front-line positions with the Canada Border Services Agency:

  • Oversee border services for millions of people travelling by air, car, rail and boat.
  • Welcome more than 200,000 immigrants and refugees to Canada each year.
  • Administer import and export requirements for animals and plants.
  • Use the latest training and technology to keep illicit drugs, firearms and harmful pests and diseases from entering the country.
  • Can progress to careers in intelligence, auditing and investigations, with field experience.

Is it for you?

People enter justice studies from all different backgrounds.  Those who thrive in Customs Border Services are the ones who have:

  • Good judgment
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Self-discipline
  • An appreciation of Canada’s rich cultural diversity

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