Community and Justice Services


Course Description

Community and justice services professionals often work with clients who find themselves at a crossroads. They work within the justice system – focusing on keeping people out of it through prevention, intervention and rehabilitation. Help build stronger, safer communities by helping people at risk gain the skills and support they need to make positive life choices.

Train for a rewarding career and help make a real difference in the lives of people at risk.

  • Work with clients ranging from children to young offenders to adults, and people with addictions, developmental delays and mental health challenges.
  • There are opportunities in a vast range of settings: youth custody facilities, child welfare homes, federal and provincial correctional facilities, attendance centres, community justice agencies, victim support agencies and a variety of residential facilities for people at risk.
  • Grads who successfully complete the provincial or federal correctional system recruitment process will receive additional training upon employment.
  • There is such a strong demand for community and justice services professionals that many students receive job offers before they graduate.

Is it for you?

Students entering this program should have a strong desire to make our communities safer. Successful candidates are:

  • Excellent communicators
  • Good listeners
  • Committed to helping others
  • Open to self-reflection and personal growth

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