Journalism Communications


Course Description

The headline today: "The face of journalism is changing as fast as new events occur, but good storytelling and solid research remain essential." Journalists must adapt to new means of delivering the news. Earn a competitive edge with reporting, writing and editing skills for online, television, radio and print within this ever-evolving industry.


Career opportunity 

  • Students are prepared to work in radio, television, newspaper, magazine and online newsrooms.
  • Graduates find work as writers, reporters, photographers, editors, freelancers, web content providers, editorial assistants, videographers, program hosts and news anchors.
  • The skills developed in this program can also lead to careers in public and media relations, and educational, training or industrial video production.

Is it for you?

Journalists often walk a complex line between getting a story first, and getting it right. To succeed in journalism, you need:

  • An inquisitive mind
  • Strong writing and storytelling skills
  • The ability to work to tight deadlines
  • Perseverance

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