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Behind every product and service we enjoy, there’s a business that relies on effective employees, practices and leadership. Business skills are needed in every industry, from aviation and food production to manufacturing and professional sports. A business education is an opportunity – where you take it is up to you!

A career in business is more than numbers and banking – it’s a complex balance of finance, marketing, products and services you offer, and the people behind them. The two-year Business program provides grads with the skills for:

  • Entry-level positions within the business, not-for-profit and retail sectors.
  • Careers as logistics coordinators, event coordinators, retail managers, production supervisors and shift supervisors. Grads of the three-year Business Administration program earn specialized skills tailored for careers in: 
  • Human resource administration, industrial relations, training and development, staff planning and job analysis, occupational health and safety, and purchasing and quality control.

Is it for you?

Business training will prepare you to manage projects and people. People who thrive in this field have:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • The ability to organize and lead
  • An analytical nature
  • A strong work ethic

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