General Arts and Science(One Year)


Course Description

The General Arts & Science Diploma provides a broad liberal arts curriculum that prepares students for the workforce, college programs, or transfer to university. Core courses provide a solid foundation in communications and interpersonal skills, computers, mathematics, analytical skills, science, and general education. Courses are chosen in consultation with the program coordinator, ensuring the right mix to meet each student’s interests and vocational goals.

General Arts and Science students are self-motivated, enthusiastic, and bring a variety of skills, interests and knowledge to their placements. Field placements are an excellent way for students to explore careers in various fields, contribute to the community and show what they have to offer. We provide opportunities that suit each student's unique skills and interests - when it's all over, students have something for their personal portfolio.

A broad education in arts and science provides the foundation to succeed in a wide range of careers:

  • Graduates of our certificate program find employment in advanced/managerial service and retail positions. 
  • Graduates of our diploma program become facilitators, social service workers, correctional officers, retail managers, and entrepreneurs. Earning a diploma will prepare students for managerial positions in government, education, criminal justice, human services, education, business, manufacturing, media, technology, and communications, to name a few. 
  • Others continue their education in a college post-graduate program or apply their credits towards advanced standing at university. 

Is it for you?

This program is designed to meet a wide range of learning needs. General Arts and Science may be a perfect fit if you are:

  • Interested in many subjects and want to keep your options open.
  • Finishing high school and unsure of your direction.
  • Seeking to upgrade your qualifications to gain admission to university.
  • Unhappy in your job and want to discover your career passion.

About Course


  • Semester 1
    COUN1000 Arts & Science Seminar
    Students examine and discuss factors that improve academic success in College programs – learning style assessment, managing time and stress, relating to others, managing lifestyle issues and improving student skills (reading, studying, test taking, critical thinking and assignment preparation).
    COUN1002 Career Resource Development
    Students explore the structure and function of occupational groups in Canada. Specific study areas include: employment trends, occupational training, professionalism, entrepreneurship and applications of research specific to areas of personal occupational interest.
    COMP1004 Computer Essentials
    This course provides intermediate-level computer users with more advanced instruction in PowerPoint and word processing. Through practical lab experience, students become more efficient operating current workplace software applications.
    ACCT1006 Financial Management
    Students examine the financial planning process beginning with an understanding of income, taxation and budgeting for short- and long-term goals. Investments and retirement strategies including estate planning will be covered.
    COMM1060 Introduction to Language Theory & Composition
    This introductory course focuses on the study of language. Students improve their writing skills by summarizing and critiquing articles as well as writing reports. The course also assists students in improving their editing skills with the use of in-class exercises.
  • Semester 2
    COMM1061 Advanced Language Theory & Composition
    This course focuses on the acquisition and cultural context of language. Students continue to work on writing and editing skills with advanced exercises and applications in sentence, paragraph and essay development.
    COUN1001 Interpersonal Psychology
    This course is designed to increase participants’ understanding of themselves, others and their interaction processes. Three main areas of human relations theory will be addressed: i) interpersonal communication; ii) self-concept, self-esteem and personality; and iii) values, goals and personal excellence.
    WKPL1014 Practicum 1
    Students complete an orientation, evaluation and follow-up process to the career practicum for first-year, second-semester students in General Arts and Science. Co-requisite: PRAC 1005
    PRAC1005 Practicum Seminar 1
    Students complete an orientation, evaluation and follow-up process to the career practicum for first-year, second-semester students in General Arts and Science. Co-requisite: WKPL 1014
    GASP1009 Technology and Humanity
    This course is an overview of the scientific philosophy and the advance of technology. Students study theoretical concepts in relation to the impact of technology on the human environment and society.

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